Holief is Holistic Relief

We believe in plant power: our mission is to provide alternatives for those who believe that life is best lived in a greener, kinder world.

Holief is a holistic wellness brand that creates naturally-grown, rigorously-tested hemp products safe for daily use. Using the strength of hemp extracts, Holief provides a strong foundation for overall wellness with no psychoactive effects. Our natural blend of botanicals works to promote relaxation and ease occasional stress, muscle, and joint discomfort.

Holief is rigorously formulated and obsessively tested so you can rest easy and focus on being the whole you.

Tension can live anywhere. Holief’s blend of hemp extracts comes in convenient drop, capsule, and cream forms to ensure you receive the mighty but gentle, targeted relief you need without psychoactive effects. 

Our crop is grown by Holi Hemp, LLC, at our family-owned and operated farm in Arizona. Each plant is carefully monitored and harvested to guarantee the highest safety standards. All products are handled with care from the moment we harvest the plants to when they go home with you. The kind of care and quality we want the products on our own bathroom shelves to have, full transparency and no gimmicks. Holief is dedicated to the purest, safest and most effective relief possible. From seed to sale, Holief’s hemp is in hands you can trust.

Holief is vegan, gluten-free and made in the USA.