What properties of hemp extract help with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?

Hemp extract may help manage the vast array of physical and emotional symptoms related to PMS. Due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, hemp extract is believed to be beneficial in targeting cramping and physical discomfort that may occur leading up to and during a woman's menstrual cycle. With antioxidants among other benefits, hemp may also help with mood swings, fatigue, emotional overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. All common symptoms of PMS. Hemp has shown in studies to have sleep-regulating and mood-stabilizing effects, as well as relieve symptoms of stress due to an overstimulated central nervous system. Hemp provides a holistic, plant-based alternative that is safe for everyday use.

How can hemp extract hemp menstrual cramps (Dysmenorrhea)?

Hemp extract has shown in recent studies to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that could assist in the relief of pain associated with Dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps. Paired with menthol, this plant duo can provide targeted pain relief and have powerful cooling and muscle-relaxing effects.

How does hemp extract support balanced moods?

Hemp is able to support balanced moods through numerous interactions with the human body. Its hormone balancing effects can regulate cortisol levels, among other hormones, relieving feelings of stress, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm. Hemp has also shown to have an overall calming effect on the nervous system, supporting mood stabilization and promoting relaxation.

What properties make hemp extract so special for women?

Hemp extract has been shown to have powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and hormone-balancing properties. With the most common symptoms of PMS and period discomfort being pain and hormone imbalance, this makes hemp a prime candidate for targeting the challenges of a woman’s menstrual cycle as a whole. Though additional research is necessary, hemp is believed to benefit sleep, provide immune support, and calm the central nervous system, among other benefits. Some studies even suggest a propensity for improving bone density, easing hot flashes, autoimmune conditions and breast cancer.